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Julie Burgess Wells 

I came across Karen 8 years ago after a traumatic series of events in my life. Her work with me brought me back to full balance. She also knew how to work with my hyper mobility and has helped me to strengthen myself to avoid injury in day to day life. I have a one to one hour with her every week, it is an important unmissable hour in my busy schedule. I live between Italy and England, so Karen teaches me on Zoom these days.

However, almost more important than Karen's insightful and enjoyable yoga is her true spirituality and connection with the deeper meaning behind both the philosophy of yoga and the universe. I have also enjoyed a wonderful Retreat day of walking on the Pembrokeshire coastal path, followed by yoga and reiki with Karen, a total joy. I came away totally refreshed.

Cathy Deane

Karen is a fantastic teacher, and also a genuinely lovely person. Her directions are clear so you’re not looking up to check you’re doing the right thing. The classes stand alone, but if you attend regularly it is more of a course exploring different focuses and adding new techniques through the weeks. With a lovely meditation at the end. Exercise for the body, mind and soul.

Yvonne Young

No one knows what life will throw at them, and when I was diagnosed with cancer I knew I was about to start on a life changing journey. From the outset I knew it was important to take some control and to adopt a positive attitude and embrace dietary and lifestyle changes.

Karen has played a crucial role in my voyage. I first met her when I attended one of her therapy sessions and from the start I knew that here was a person who could help me. She has been a constant source of comfort and her extensive knowledge of complimentary therapies and the benefits they hold, you knew you were in the caring hands of someone who possess's a very special ability. Karen offers a wide range of holistic therapies, I have attended many over the years and always come away feeling I've learned something new and valuable.

My journey hasn't been easy but with Karen's therapies and friendship it's not a journey I have to travel alone. Thanks Karen for being there for me.

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